Festivals and CustomsRelated Topic

1.The Double Seventh Festival is one of the most romantic traditional festivals in China. Which legendary story does it originate from?
2.The Chinese like to decorate the house with paintings on festivals. Which of the following pattern is not likely to be used?
3.Which of the following items will the elders present to the youngsters as blessings on the Spring Festival?
4.In ancient Chinese wedding, dates and longan were often put on the bed of the newly-weds. What do they stand for?
5.Which of the following customs is not practiced on the Double-Ninth Festival?
  • Kwan-yin

    Kwan-yin ("Goddess of Mercy") was translated from "Avalokites' Vara" in Sanskrit.
  • Fuxi and Nvwa

    Fuxi and Nvwa are the human ancestors in Chinese ancient
  • Double Seventh Festival

    In China, the Double Seventh Festival,